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2019 living room trends by Essential Home
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

2019 living room trends by Essential Home: Having a hard time thinking about the perfectly styled living room of your dreams? Are you a trend follower? Well here are some examples with the 2019 living room trends.



2019 living room trends by Essential Home

Prepare yourself to see next year living room trends… Excited? Here you will see the ultimate guide to getting the best mid-century modern living room with the most high-quality products by Essential Home and other Portuguese furniture brands. All you have to do is keep reading and join me on this incredible interior design journey!

2019 living room trends by Essential Home

The combination of the incredible Brubeck Spiral suspension lamp with the amazing Bardot Armchairs , Bardot Sofa, and Miller Center Table, makes this living room decor the perfect example of a mid-century space. You can find the products in the sister brands: Essential Home and DelightFULL. With so many beautiful elements in the room, you don’t know where to look first. We can start with the suspension lighting piece, where our eyes turn to immediately, or the green of the sofas and armchairs, soothing upholstered pieces. The modern Miller its a detail that can make the difference, we can say that it is the cherry on top of the cake.

2019 living room trends by Essential Home

Living room corners for a relaxing living time is one of the main living room trends for next year. If you think about it there is nothing better than space where you can relax after a long day at work or school. The side table, a floor lamp, a comfortable and stylish armchair, and a stunning rug to complement, it is all that you need. In this example, Essential Home provides the armchair, also known as  Dean,  characterized by its true iconic leather chair that holds comfort, history, and personality. It is paired up with a side table, Konstantin, an elegant piece that will look amazing on your living room corner and  DelightFULL‘s simple but beautiful Herbie, a floor lamp. The modern rug, called  Madeira, is designed by Rug’Society.

2019 living room trends by Essential Home

If you want to add a dining room corner to your living room but you think that that is a wrong option, well you are not thinking straight, especially when it’s a small home. Making your living room an even more important space of both relaxation and dining can be tricky when it comes to separating both ends, but if you choose wisely your interior decor options,  you can never fail in your interior design project. Here Essential Home, Luxxu and Brabbu, show you that that little corner will not be a problem. This look it is a simple combination of the velvet Sophia Single Sofa and Dolly Coffee Table by Essential Home, paired with the inspiring Naj Dining Chair by Brabbu, and the amazing Harpia suspension lamp by Luxxu. A secret combo to successful living room decor.

2019 living room trends by Essential Home

When you are thinking about giving your living room a brand new look, you also need to think about all of the little details , like what side table works perfectly with your sofa, which rug best brings out the colors of your living room’s furniture pieces, exactly what lighting piece would shine best with your color scheme. Remember interior decor its all about the details! Here is an example for you to get inspired… In this living room, we can find the Craig Side Table by Essential Home, working perfectly with the Novak Sofa by this brand. The marble and gold polished brass pairs extremely well with the black leather, and the Kenny Table Lamp by DelightFULL is the glue that brings it all together.

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2019 living room trends by Essential Home

This incredible living room corner describes perfectly the mid-century vibes that you are looking for. From the lighting pieces to the armchair, sideboard, and mirror, you get the entire look from only two sister brands, from Covet Group, that complement each other, with the best quality at the best price. This iconic living room corner is a successful example of what to expect for 2019. The interior decor is composed by Essential Home‘s Monroe ArmchairDandy SideboardWilde Mirror and Anderson Rug, completed with the amazing Brubeck XL Wall Lamps by none other than DelightFULL.


2019 living room trends by Essential Home

Speaking of living room corners here is another amazing living room decor where we can see the combination of  Essential Home products paired with stunning lighting pieces by DelightFULL. For the perfect mid-century color scheme, you must go with vintage, brown and yellow look with tones of black and grey. As you can see in this mid-century-modern look, we can find the classic Hudson Armchair, the ever so stunning and modern Miller Center Table, paired with the Blake bookcase, contemporary Kubrik rug, and, of course, the beautiful and inspiring Sinatra Floor Lamp by DelightFULL.

2019 living room trends by Essential Home

A rug can definitely be the centerpiece or stand out of your living room decor.  In this example, the Spielberg rug combined with the Mansfield Armchair and Konstantin Side Table gives a stunning modern and stylish look that will be amazing for any living room decor. As you can see, Essential Home never ceases to inspire and amaze us, with their mid-century products.




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