Thinking about giving your front door an unusual and creative look?

Get inspired with these curious colors! You just need to harmonize the door color with your home’s architecture and materials.

Dare yourself and bring up to life your home’s exterior design project.

Neon/Lime Green

For neutral and clean-lined home design, acid colors like neon or lime green will be the perfect bet. You add definitely to your front door a vibrant and fresh look! Match the color with main house’s Granite Boulder and trim’s Dark Ash materials.

three-sixty-design-denver-landscape-front  6 UNUSUAL HUES FOR PAINTING YOUR FRONT DOOR three sixty design denver landscape front

Kokopelli Teal

Less vibrant than the former color, there is Kokoppeli Teal. The colors blends green and blue in just one hue, turning it a perfect color for about any style of home.

You can pair it with Stonybrook for the main house color and Silver Song for accents or trim.

8601e45802f2c49d_1762-w660-h441-b0-p0--midcentury-entry  6 UNUSUAL HUES FOR PAINTING YOUR FRONT DOOR 8601e45802f2c49d 1762 w660 h441 b0 p0 midcentury entry

Fiery Red-Orange

This color will provide your external façade a fun and warm look. Paired with a light and neutral like Sedate Gray and dark grey trim color will be a perfect combination.

a1112be101a52297_9654-w660-h441-b0-p0--midcentury-entry  6 UNUSUAL HUES FOR PAINTING YOUR FRONT DOOR a1112be101a52297 9654 w660 h441 b0 p0 midcentury entry

Hot Pink

This appealing color works very well with bricks and dark grey appointments.



Smooth and light color like buttercup-yellow matches with orange-hued wood and a cool blue-gray siding color.

yellow door collage  6 UNUSUAL HUES FOR PAINTING YOUR FRONT DOOR yellow door collage

Periwinkle/ Lavender Blue

Periwinkle or lavender blue is a color in the blue and purple family. The name derives from the myrtle herb which bears flowers of the same color.

The color combined with weathered gray shingles and white wood brings a welcoming vibe to your home’s exterior.

Blue & Green doors web  6 UNUSUAL HUES FOR PAINTING YOUR FRONT DOOR Blue Green doors web

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  • Inês Silva

    I love this article! I’m actually thinking paiting my front door in buttercup-yellow. It’s so smooth and discrete color! Thank you for the suggested colors.