Jaime Hayon * for Sé

London-based furniture brand  is at the forefront of a new spirit of tradition and luxury; the brainchild of Pavlo Schtakleff, whose vision is to marry the best designers with the finest makers in Europe to create design that is both sumptuous and technically peerless.


Jaime Hayon * for Sé lrgBeetleychairwood

Jaime Hayon * for Sé se LDF 2010 01 1

 aim to infuse the values of the past – durability, craftsmanship, hand-finishing – with wit, glamour, and a hint of fantasy, giving new enchantment to long-established forms, connecting the furniture of the future with its heritage.

Champions of new materials and processes, as well as revitalising fine handiwork from a personally-sourced network of quality-assured European craftspeople,  works with a pre-eminent range of producers and designers to achieve a new spirit in furniture.

The  Collection II by Jaime Hayon has evolved with new pieces which will be shown for the first time in the UK at Super Brands London, including variations to the Arpa chair & footstool, Beetley chair, Flute table and Cristal Bala side table.


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