Designed by women for women, the line is manufactured in Portugal by a highly skilled group of artisans, jewelers, and designers.

The commitment of KOKET is to evoke the desires of women through the essence of its pieces.

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Composed by two distinct collections, Guilty Pleasures and Exotic Opulence, the source of the brand’s inspiration meets the elements of nature as fauna and flora, but also women’s daily sinful wishes as fashion and jewelry.

In other words, the complete surroundings of her life. This is the unavoidable essence that makes KOKET unique and innovative within the sector of decoration and interior design.

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The name KOKET comes from Janet’s nickname “Janette la coquette”, a name given to her for her playful ways. The brand is truly a personal reflection of who she is, what she belives in, where she has been, and where she will be is closely tied to her personal growth.
With her dramatic design aesthetic, perfectionism, dead on instinct of trends to come and what people want, Janet’s mission at KOKET is to inspire her designers to pursue their creativity to its maximum and to create highly desirable and empowering statement pieces.

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What inspired you to start your business?

I have always been noted for impeccable taste, enticing personality and a strong love affair for life, which are all fundamental qualities in developing a following.  My design following gave me the confidence to create the ultimate expression of my personal character, KOKET.

Creating my own brand of furniture has always been on my list of career goaIs. However I would only launch it when I felt the market was ready for something different and 2010 was the year KOKET was established. I wanted to cater to women; they are such fascinating beings, everything from the biological standpoint to their ability to balance in stiletto heels fascinates me. Women are creatures that cannot truly be defined.

The name KOKET comes from my nickname “Janette la coquette” a name given to me at a young age for my playful ways.

The brand KOKET is truly a personal reflection of who I am, what I believe in, where I have been, and where I take the brand in the future will be closely tied to my personal growth.

What does your team look like?

Strong willed, hard working and drop-dead gorgeous young ladies.

If we were a fly on the wall in your office what would a typical day be like?

A complete and colourful swirl of emotions! Lots of laughter surrounded by mood boards, fabric & material samples.

What are the main challenges/obstacles in your business?

Every business has its challenges but in Interior / Product Design finding industry partners who strive for our same values as a business has proven to be truly challenging and time consuming.

What are your best-sellers and why?

Our bestsellers are the Mandy stool and the Intuition dining table. I believe our clients are attracted to the design first and secondly our craftsmanship. The Mandy Demi-Lune Stool is inspired in a cuff bracelet beautifully transformed as an adornment for the home; and the Intuition table because it defies the laws of equilibrium maintaining elegance at the same time.

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What are your main sales channels and what % do you sell online?

KOKET sells directly to Design Professionals and final clients. We are proud to serve both with the same quality and professionalism they deserve.

Where are your customers based, and how would describe your typical customer?

The Majority of our clients are based in the USA but we have also seen a tremendous growth in Russia, England, India and Dubai.

The typical KOKET customer is a NYC woman late 30’s early 40’s that loves to parade around NYC’s Fifth Avenue singing praise to sublime shopping experiences. She is demanding and willing to splurge on obsessions.

However I can assure you that men also love KOKET. Last January in Paris, we received a client that flew specifically from Dubai to see live our gorgeous Mademoiselle armoire. It was a surprise, but a very good one!

Where do you see yourself and the company in 5 years time?

Seducing men and women with KOKET’s empowering designs.

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What words of advice could you offer people wanting to start their own business?

The KOKET 10 Gold Rules:

#1 Love what you do & do what you love.

#2 Always smile and be kind to every one you encounter and put your best foot forward

#3 Never compromise, strive for perfection.

#4 Be willing to make sacrifices.

#5 Never compare yourself to anyone – always look forward.

#6 Take pride in your company and everything you put your name on at all times.

#7 Accept criticism, embrace change, and challenge yourself to be better than you were yesterday.

#8 Love yourself first. Always, always look your best, if you feel good about yourself others will feel that same way about you

#9 Skirts must always be 5’’ above the knee & invest in shoes.

#10 Find time for yourself, a place where everything comes together. For me that is Bergdorf Goodman.

By Janet Morais,

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