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Today in BestDesignProjects, we present you 10 amazing washbasin designs that you would love to have in your bathroom or even toilet.

When creativity doesn’t have boundaries arise magnificent brands like Maison Valentina. This new born luxury bathroom concept gathers the best design work combined with rare handwork techniques and contemporary design.

Take a look at their amazing luxury free standing washbasins:


diamond washbasin_close and open


Lapiaz coluna-mini



We have also collected other stunning washbasin designs for you to get inspired.

 Ammonite by HighTech Design

ammonite washbasinEumar Abisko Washbasin
eumar abisko washbasin

Korakril | Boma Collection by Rexa Design
freestanding korakril BOMA

Iconic Falper’s Wing by Ludovico Lombardiiconic wing Falper's Wing Ludovico Lombardi

Pare Washbasin by Nuvist 


Tea Cup Washbasintea cup washbasin ceramika-lazienkowa

Mosaic Curved Sink

curved sink mosaic

Best Design Projects will continue to informing you about the greatest projects around the world. We like, as much as you, to read all design for your own home, the latest decor trends, the best interior design projects and so on.

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