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10 Tips to Decorate Small Living Rooms | Best Design Projects
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas


Would you like to take full advantage of your small living room?

In this article you can find 10 useful design tips to turn your living room in the most comfy area of your home.

Tip 1: A good designed wallpaper and a mirror in the center of the wall will illuminate and give depth to your room. The best will be to put the mirror in front of a window because the image of the outside projected in it will give the idea of having an extra window.

mirrors and wallpaper

Tip 2: Add furniture that allows to storage your items. As an example, you can use a storage ottoman as a coffee table, small chests of drawers placed around the space and small credenzas to avoid disorganization in your living room.

storage furniture

Tip 3: Choose a small-scale furniture to your room decoration. Instead of having oversize sofas and armchairs that will pull out space of your living area, opt for small furniture elements. Antique Shops can be your greatest ally since the normal room’s size was small until the last half century.

small scale furniture


Tip 4: Do you have a living room with high ceilings? Take advantage of it by filling the vertical space with plenty of art frames.

art frames

Tip 5: If you have the opportunity of filling a corner with a sized sectional sofa with clean and straight lines will get your area more comfortable and will allow seating more people in your living room.

sized sectional sofa

Tip 6: Try to use slimmed-down sofas with clean lines and exposed legs.

slimmed down sofas

Tip 7: Back-less sofas will add a sophisticated touch to your space and it has the bonus of allowing seating from both sides. Also, you can use it as an element in future larger living rooms because allows the division between two seating areas.

back less sofas

Tip 8: Place in plants in corners and beside or behind chairs and sofas. It will enlighten and give a fresh look to your lovely room.

plant corner

Tip 9: Adopt furniture that has a multifunction feature.

multifunctional furniture

Tip 10: Leave out the sofa. You can have a well-designed small living room with armchairs placed around the coffee table. It will give a cozy and roomy touch to your small living-room.


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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

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