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When designing an interior space of a restaurant, bar or even a coffee it is very important to bear in mind not only the appropriate furniture and accessories to the project but also the right colors that will fit perfectly in the desired decoration.


Colors have a strong influence in our feelings. For example, if we are in a coffee with too many vivid colors we will feel uncomfortable and confusing with such a strong combination. But, if it has the right measure of vivacity it will also transmit the idea of being in an dynamic and energetic environment.


restaurant-interior-pictures-designinvogue restaurant-interior-photos-designinvogue Restaurant-Interior-Designs-Pink-designinvogue

When opting for a tea in a coffee with bright colors and a minimalism decoration we will feel more cozy and relaxed in it.

Restaurant-Interior-Designs-designinvogue Restaurant-Interior-Design-designinvogue red-pearl-restaurant-designinvogue Orange-Pop-Dining-area-Interior-Design-restaurant-designinvogue modern-restaurant-designs-ideas-3-foto-image-designinvogue

So, if you are thinking about the perfect color scheme for your retail project, think firstly in the emotions that you want to produce in your guests.

interior-stunning-interior-design-project-affects-comfort-greatly-modern-restaurant-interior-designinvogue interior-restaurant-designinvogue honeycomb-modern-restaurant-interior-design-designinvogue criterion-london-best-restaurant-designinvogue cool-unique-restaurant-interior-design-with-pink-color-designinvogue

For instance, the matching of yellow, orange and red colors is capable of wakening your senses and raise your appetite.

cheerful-mexican-restaurant-interior-for-2013-designinvogue Bei_Main-dining-area-designinvogue-01 art-restaurant-seattle-best-designinvogue ARIA_-_Sage_Interior_designinvogue amazing-restaurant-interior-designinvogue

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