3 craftwork techniques that you can learn in Decorex 2018

The antique arts are on the top of this year trends… CraftWork is the new surprise of  Decorex 2018, the international interior design wonderland. Interested to see what this space is all about?  Let’s find out!

3 craftwork techniques that you can learn in Decorex 2018

The lateste surprise in London’s Decorex 2018 edition it’s a space dedicated to celebrating the antique arts, dominated by master artisans. CraftWork is a way for the next generation of designers to display products with the highest level of artisanal craftsmanship, that turns them into unique and exquisite products. The mission is to reconnect with the niche technique that goes into crafting one-of-a-kind pieces (a trend in contemporary interior design) and meet the makers behind them.

There you will see Zuzana Lalikova work. The Slovakian artist, although educated in the United Kingdom, uses traditional Slovakian embroidery techniques to produce large-scale (and contemporary) wall hangings. In her creations, she goes with geometrics and color shades themes, creating contemporary wall art for any kind of space.

3 craftwork techniques that you can learn in Decorex 2018

Next, we have Kevin Stamper, a high-skilled artist, and furniture maker. Just like before, this designer is also a fan of color shades. Whether is some exquisite art piece or a bespoke furniture, to create some incredible artwork, he just need to add to it some texture and form. His unique designs are mostly made from solid wood and through-dyed sycamore veneer that is crafted into unique pixelated works of art. The colored veneers are cut into squares. Each one represents an individual natural grain pattern and texture, which gives a unique personality twist in the final result.

This is Rob Brain the creator of the brand RHMB. The magic is made in his London workshop, where he designs bespoke furniture. His projects normally include timber from London trees or a local material, which gives his work a distinctive provenance that combines with the narrative of the material’s journey.


3 craftwork techniques that you can learn in Decorex 2018

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