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5 Janelas Is One Of The Best Design Studios In Portugal (See Why!)
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

5 Janelas Is One Of The Best Design Studios In Portugal (See Why!) – Created by an inspiring interior designer with incredible ideas called Francisco Neves, this renowned design studio has become one of the leading interior design firms in Portugal. His works have been published in the country’s best design magazines and have been selected or the 2013 edition of the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review yearbook – vol 17. Find out more about their amazing design ideas here!


Originally from the beautiful city of Guimarães, which is associated with the emergence of the Portuguese national identity in the 12th century and is considered a World Heritage center by UNESCO, 5 Janelas has become one of the most renowned interior design studios in the country. Thanks to Francisco‘s experience in the industry, this interior design firm turned out to be a reflection of his way of living, not deviating from the path and yet surpassing all expectations of loyal customers for over two decades.

5 Janelas Is One Of The Best Design Studios In Portugal (See Why!)
Image Credit: 5 Janelas

“I love the challenge, freedom, and creative control. I also love the histories behind every detail. the colors inspired by my travels, the places I’ve been, the perfect piece I discovered from a happu casualty and that can be incorporated into my work. Each  project has definitely a part of my life.”

With over 20 years of experience in the interior decoration world, Francisco, like any other interior designer, has his ups and downs in his professional path. The founder of 5 Janelas studio considers himself as a dedicated person who doesn’t believe in giving up on the things that he likes. “I started my career-long time ago, it´s about 25 years. The reason I’m here today is that each challenge was overcome.  And the last years my work is being widely recognized, for which I am very grateful. My projects have been published in several design magazines and books, and most of all I have happy customers”, explained the interior designer.

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5 Janelas Is One Of The Best Design Studios In Portugal (See Why!)
Image Credit: 5 Janelas


“I really like the creative decision, the moment I choose colors, textures, motifs, the theme… the story that guides the space and the atmosphere. My goal is always to create spaces that make people happy. When the owners, the people who live the space, enjoy it, it´s a great pleasure for me. It means I´m doing it right.”

With a signature style that steps away from the famous fashion trends, Francisco‘s design projects have a sense of contemporary with timeless and classic references. All of the bespoke interior design projects created in the 5 Janelas studio are focused “on giving good solutions and being able to have the better response for what the owners do need – that’s what’s design is about.” The careful attention to every project’s detail shows some of Francisco’s critical, visionary and perfectionist personality, and is a reflection of his experience and learning as an interior designer.

Coveted Issuu


5 Janelas‘ incredible portfolio includes some of the best interior design projects in Portugal and abroad, like Pastelaria Fina, the Vault Store, both in Guimarães, and Stands at International Fairs (Heimtextil in Frankfurt). Inspired by the work of some of the world’s design legends, like Gio Ponti, Fornasetti, Warren Platner and Philippe Starck,  Francisco believes that the right way to an incredible design passes by a great connection with the clients. “I give priority to dialogue across the development of each work, and I believe that´s the best way to have a good result. This process gives life to spaces that are both sophisticated and a response to the client’s interests and needs.” 5 Janelasstudio designs bespoke interiors for persons who like what they do in life and are in love with the type of spaces that Francisco creates. They need to connect with the interior designer‘s design aesthetics which is focused on seeking quality and comfort in a modern luxury way, that doesn’t follow any specific design trends.


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5 Janelas Is One Of The Best Design Studios In Portugal (See Why!)
Image Credit: 5 Janelas

Focused on creating unique interiors that fulfill the client’s needs and expectations, Francisco likes to incorporate in his design some unique details that will elevate the project, like custom-made objects designed by the designer for that specific space. “While I’m drawing a space, everything comes together between art and design. And it’s that mix that gives life and substance to each personalized space- my own design complemented with some pieces of classic design.” 5 Janelas‘ studio became for their high-quality services in creating tailored interiors for each client.

5 Janelas Is One Of The Best Design Studios In Portugal (See Why!)
Image Credit: 5 Janelas


“In Portugal, we have extremely good quality in terms of artisan or craftsman labor. We can see that in several areas: lightning, furnishings, rugs and tapestries, upholstery… The leading designers are investing in working and creating with the craftsmanship available and that is a way to enhance our work and provide a distinguished type of service.”

Passionate about beautiful craftsmanship techniques, Francisco truly believes that Portugal is one f the best symbols of ancient craftsmanship. The interior designer believes that these ancient techniques can be the right wat to live happily with a democratic design approach since it influences the design conscience of each interior designer or design lover. “I like to think we can live better when we have a good design. It is a belief and simultaneously a desire. And a reason to create”, enhanced the founder of the famous 5 Janelas design studio.



Besides the tailored interior decoration projects that meet the client’s needs and personalities, 5 Janelas studio is also considered a “Concept Store” that includes carefully selected objects. The shelves are littered with Assouline books, Ralph Lauren Home, Fornasetti, Riviere, and Seletti objects. Wave music CD’s as well as “5 Janelas Design” jars and candles coexist with chairs and tables by Thonet, and Verner Panton, among others.

5 Janelas Is One Of The Best Design Studios In Portugal (See Why!)
Image Credit: 5 Janelas

 “My inspiration always leads me to what I really like: giving soul and meaning to the spaces taking advantage of the inner quality and natural beauty in materials. I am working on several villas at the time, apartments, some showrooms, and offices, but I also have some private parties to prepare, it´s a good mix of requests.”

Currently, Francisco is working on several projects, both in residential and commercial designs. The 5 Janelas founder recently finished a restaurant and some wellness and hairdresser spaces, also a jewelry store. As for future dreams and expectations, the interior designer believes that he is one of those persons who is constantly looking for new challenges and new ideas, especially when you get the opportunity to work in one of your passions every day of your life.


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