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5 Stunning Futuristic House Designs | Best Design Projects
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

Over the last century, we have been witnessing major developments in the area of architecture and design.

The construction procedures are reviewed and the new wave of artists prove that creativity doesn’t really have boundaries.

The following cutting-edge projects leads us into a world of futuristic designs like we have never seen.

The Komb House

Designed by Karim Rashid, this amazing house project has an Eco friendly design. For the construction of the project were used reusable materials like wood, metal, glass and solar panels. Divided into 4 areas (play, eat, sleep and cleanse), the house has panel heated water, energy efficient appliances, reusable pluvial water and low energy LED lighting.


House on the Flight of Birds

Nestled in S. Michael’s island in Azores (Portugal), this project has the signature of the portuguese architect Bernardo Rodrigues.

house on the flight of the bird

H3 House

Greece becomes even more beautiful with modern house idealized by 314 Architecture Studio. With inspiration in yachts design and also water, this brilliant house collects geothermal energy.

futuristic house designs 3

Tornado Proof Home

The collaboration between Ted Givens and 10Designs firm resulted in a sketched house resistant to tornados.

According to the owners of the project words “Hydraulic levers pull the Kevlar-coated house into the ground when high-velocity winds pass by. The high-tech structure’s roof, then locks so water and wind can’t enter.”

futuristic house designs 4

California Roll House

Designed by Christopher Daniel, this prefabricated house can shaped itself according specific settings. The carbon shell reflects the heat from the sun.

futuristic house designs 5

Best Design Projects will continue to informing you about the greatest projects around the world. We like, as much as you, to read all design for your own home, the latest decor trends, the best interior design projects and so on.

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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas