Be Inspired With The Most Beautiful Entrance Hall Decor Ideas - Part 2

Be Inspired With The Most Beautiful Entrance Hall Decor Ideas ➤To see more Unique Design Projects visit us at #interiordesign #interiordecoration #interiordecor

Designers travelled to the Malay Archipelago, located between the Southeastern of Asia and Australia, in order to project a living room set, capable of whispering the stories of diverse cultures such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore. These ethnicities give life to MALAY – a graceful green velvet armchair with a mystical soul that will fulfill your entire living room set with energy from the nature. Enjoy this comfortable amchair in velvet with legs in aged casted brass, lacing it as center piece in your living room set.

Soho Black Console bases is made from wood and tempered glass and 5 drawers compose it. Its base is made in lacquered wood. It contains drawers with: handcrafted fronts lacquered in white; fronts made in maquetry and brass handles; fronts with golden leaf and fronts lacquered in blue.

Turner table lamp is simply a head turner. Inspired by Tina Turner’s dance moves it has an art deco shape with the possibility of rotating its arcs into the desired position so that you can create your favorite composition at any time. The arcs are made in brass with a copper finish and the top cover in aluminum lacquered in glossy white.

SOLEIL is a reinterpretation of the sun in a contemporary lighting piece. The warmth brought to your home by this contemporary lighting piece will expand all over the ambience like sunlight rays. Inspired by the sun, SOLEIL wall lamp is the element that will complete your modern home decor. Its harshness it’s smoothed by the brightest light projected by the hammered brass rays.

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