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Bring the 'JUNGALOW' look into your interior decor
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

Bring the “Jungalow” look into your interior decor: Find out the best 3 tips to achieve a successful “jungalow” look according to the designer, Justina Blakeney. With these, it’s guaranteed that the interior decor of any room of your home will be with a new bohemian design.

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Bring the "Jungalow" look into your interior decor

Justina Blakeney its the face behind the new style called  “jungalow“, where she combined her love of patterns, color, and plants with her bold, free-spirited designs.  It such a trendy style that de designer literally wrote a  book on the new bohemian style. She has proven that your home can be your greatest escape

Bring the "Jungalow" look into your interior decor

The passion for interior decoration emerged like a flash thought when her parents told Justina and her sister, Faith, that they were planning on moving into an old apartment that’d been in the family for decades. At that moment the sisters knew they couldn’t let their parents settle for a dated rental.

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Bring the "Jungalow" look into your interior decor

Add a splash of color:

The designer combines a lot the feel of teal with bold colors, without overdoing it or losing the balance. The cool tone’s mellow enough to work as a focal point, and it’s great to balance out with warmer colors, like terracotta or coral. You have to see the shade throughout the house, whether is combined with warm wood tones or copper accents.

Bring the "Jungalow" look into your interior decor

Incorporate some velvety products:

Velvet is frequently considered as a luxury fabric, and that’s why some people are afraid to incorporate them into their interior design projects. Nowadays, this fabric is commonly used since it fits really nicely in multiple styles. Justina recommends mixing velvet with less luxurious fabrics, like textured cotton and linen, so it doesn’t feel too formal.

Bring the "Jungalow" look into your interior decor

Bring the "Jungalow" look into your interior decor

Take a risk with patterns:

A bold pattern shouldn’t be a bad choice, in fact, it can give to your room that little extra that sometimes is missing. One thing you can’t forget it’s to combine it with the proper color scheme and furniture pieces. Remember, the harmony and beauty of your room’s interior decoration, its all about achieving the right balance between textures, colors, and patterns. Adding some plants will definitely be an extra point to the perfect score!

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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

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