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In Silicon Valley, California, the Swatt Miers Architects gave birth to an incredible project denominated as the “Tea Houses”.


The glass cased house compounds have been required by a client with an extra land space gathered in one single lot. The owner, together with his young daughter, have discovered a stunning retreat below a ridge, under a grove of large California Live Oaks.


Their initial idea passed through the construction of a tree house, which later progressed to the construction of the Tea Houses, places where one could retreat into nature.


The project is composed of three houses and each one has its own purpose: one for meditation, other for sleeping and, the last one, for creative thinking.


Each house was designed with a transparent steel and glass pavilion hovering like a lantern over the natural landscape. With its minimal footprint, treads lightly on the land, minimizing grading and preserving the delicate root systems of the native oaks.


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