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We really love to follow the color trends and we know that it defines completely the home decoration.

Colors can inspire us and bring other feelings daily! Below you can see the latest word from leading color experts and interior designers by ELLE Decor that We are sure that you’ll like it:

Ocean Tones 
“Blue suggests the ocean, which is both so vital to life and also so soothing in its effect. Blues and muted blue-greens are the colors of the year because they are incredibly restful and calm,” says color consultant Bonnie Krims, who credits blue’s popularity with the current eco-awareness today.

05_roseff-bedroom-lgn  COLOR TRENDS TO STAY BY ELLE DECOR 05 roseff bedroom lgn


Plum is the New Black
Best Design Projects supports ELLE Decor because we know that “People always love blues and greens,” notes color expert Leatrice Eiseman, “but what’s especially new is that blue is also taking on more of a purple tone.

Plum-white-taupe-living-room-scheme  COLOR TRENDS TO STAY BY ELLE DECOR Plum white taupe living room scheme


Solar Yellow
Like ELLE Decor said, another top color trend is inspired by the power of the sun and our eco-conscious mentality. “The warm colors connote energy,” says Eiseman, who created a “Solar Energy” palette for Pantone that includes vibrant yellows and oranges. An interesting juxtaposition to the hot hues is the use of grays.

01_footer-living-room-lgn  COLOR TRENDS TO STAY BY ELLE DECOR 01 footer living room lgn


Touch of Gray
The all-white monochromatic scheme has long been a design favorite, and this year is no exception. Touches of soft gray inject the white scheme with a fresh feeling, as in the “Modern Tranquility” palette created by Benjamin Moore, which features neutral hues of gray, off-white, and palest blue.

Black-White-Gray-Family-Room-Design  COLOR TRENDS TO STAY BY ELLE DECOR Black White Gray Family Room Design


Floral Inspiration
Another way to create a foolproof scheme is to choose floral colors. “You can’t go wrong with colors that are based on flowers—the world of violets, pinks, and greens,” says Krims. Or only with this brown.

floral-dining-room-inspiration  COLOR TRENDS TO STAY BY ELLE DECOR floral dining room inspiration


Personal Style

More than anything, color choice is all about personal style. “There’s never just one hot color,” says Eiseman. “People surround themselves with the colors that suit their lifestyle and their moods.” Below you can see Best Design preferences, we hope that you like it:

bedroom-color-ideas-2013-166  COLOR TRENDS TO STAY BY ELLE DECOR bedroom color ideas 2013 166

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