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Contemporary Wall Mirrors by Boca do Lobo – 20th Century Design | Best Design Projects
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

Luxury Interiors can be made to look quite stunning with clever placement of decorative wall mirrors. These mirrors are available in wide range of shapes, sizes and colors and they can be placed in bathrooms, bedrooms, entrances, living rooms and dining rooms. Depending on the type of your existing décor, you can choose between non-tinted, tinted, reflective, framed, and frameless varieties. Choose between different types of wooden and metallic frames that suit your furniture. You can also get a variety of antique-designed frames that go well with traditional wooden furniture, and metallic varieties that suit modern furniture. Decorative mirrors can brighten up dull corners and passageways, and enhance the décor of any room.

Check out Boca do Lobo selection of contemporary wall mirrors for a modern home decoration.



"20th Century Design Contemporary Mirrors"

Apollo is one of the most important of the Olympian God, in ancient Greek, recognized as a god of light and the sun. Apollo names this generously sized wall mirror featuring a highly decorative starburst shape, enhancing any home environment. This eye-catching mirror is the essence of style and it will surely boost the atmosphere of any interior space. The frame of this modern design mirror is totally sublime with the involved ornate carvings. The exterior frame is composed of numerous sticks that lead to additional mirrors. A slim internal frame coated in purely soft gold leaf surrounds the interior of the mirrors. The frame is made from solid oak wood or mahogany and is available in two finishes (silver or gold leaf).




"20th Century Design | Contemporary Mirrors"

The Lenox wall mirror, handcrafted by Boca do Lobo Studio is a stylish piece that adds class to any room. This elegant mirror will compliment any interior decoration. The hexagonal frame of this round mirror is made from either oak or mahogany wood. The wood can be lacquered in four-color finishes (white, black, silver or gold).




"20th Century Design - Contemporary Mirrors"

Liberty Mirror is a tribute to the Statue of Liberty – Liberty Enlightening the World. It’s a generously sized mirror that features a highly decorative shape, which will compliment any interior space. A stunning mirror that looks beautiful on any wall. The frame of this modern wall mirror is totally sublime with the intricate ornate concentric carvings that circle the center mirror. The exterior frame is composed of numerous intertwining circles. The frame is made from solid oak wood or mahogany, and is available in two finishes (silver or gold leaf).




"20th Century Design - Contemporary Mirrors"

Like a jewel that reflects eternal beauty when it is contemplated, Ring is the mirror of the soul, which aspires to the sublime. Exploring the main function of a mirror, the richness of Ring lies within its reflection. Ring evokes an antique unreachable treasure that could only be found on the most remote place on Earth. Ring contains a mirror frame in black lacquered high gloss, with a minimalist line on the outside and another carved handmade on the inside. A precious piece of art with its interior made of refined carved wood as exquisite as its owner. Ideal for an unique and exclusive home, Ring will reflect elegance once it’s on your living room or your bedroom.




"20th Century Design - Contemporary Mirrors"

There is nothing finer than a gorgeous mirror to set off the décor in a room. Boca do Lobo offers you marvelous and beautiful mirrors that add a touch of magic to a room in the same way a painting does. Root Mirror will create a new dimension in the interior design of your space. I am sure you will enjoy the reflection of this stunning wall mirror. It is composed of ten different sized grey mirrors in a rusted golden leaf finished frames, which are then constructed in an overlapping pattern.



"20th Century Design - Contemporary Mirrors"

The eye-catching hand carved wood of this radiant piece of wall art frames a convex mirror in the center and twenty surrounding concave mirrors. The inherent texture of the particleboard wood structure creates a textured appearance, which is covered, in silver leaf finished with a translucent patina high gloss varnish.



"20th Century Design - Contemporary Mirrors"

Five passionate years of Exclusive Design has resulted in the Venice, Boca do Lobo’s newest Limited Edition work of art. Our love affair with reflection dates back to 6000BC, the ability mirrors have to reflect light and the world around us so perfectly remains unrivalled by any other object. Due to this ability to reflect light and show appearance so precisely and incredibly, mirrors are widely believed to have enchanting powers. A passionate explosion of romance, drama and emotion is transcended through this magnificent Venetian mirror. Famed for our elegant and beautiful style of glass use, our designers used their world-renowned talent and gorgeous glass to produce this blinding splendor.

Marie Antoinette


"20th Century Design - Contemporary Mirrors"


Marie Antoinette mirror, the newest Boca does Lobo Limited Edition, capable to reflect body and soul of any interior environment. This mirror is an attitude, an historical fact and a “époque”. Inspired in the controversy Marie Antoinette and in the greatest times of the French royalty, where impressive and large-scale pieces marked the halls of Palace of Versailles and its big and luxurious parties. This mirror is capable to enhance any living room or lobby of nowadays, it’s a large-scale piece with 2,20m of grandiosity hand carved and covered by silver leaf with high gloss varnish finish. Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

Marie Thérèse

"20th Century Design - Contemporary Mirrors"

Marie Thérèse represents Marie Antoinette’s dynasty that we have created to reinterpret our large-scale wall mirrors. Marie Thérèse is a non-traditional mirror, a sculptural piece, with sensual curves. It is an unparalleled woodwork, an undeniable mastery of form. True beauty is reflected in this mirror with a hand-carved-wood-frame, colored in bronze. You will be enticed to touch the sculptured frame to appreciate its beauty. Marie Thérèse embodies the quality and integrity of an original piece of art.

Louis XVI


"20th Century Design - Contemporary Mirrors"

Marie Antoinette was our first large-scale wall mirror to honor the attitude of the historical and controversial French Queen that lived at Le Château of Versailles. Louis XVI was Marie Antoinette’s husband and names this limited edition wall mirror that also evokes supreme beauty. It is an exclusive hand carved piece, with its frame covered in black with a high gloss varnish finish. A beautiful piece of wall to be used to best suit any room or interior setting.

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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas