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Create the perfect kids room: tips by ELLE Decor



Kids, Kids and Kids… They are the best thing in the world and we want offer the best for them!

Today, Best Design Projects, will show you the best rooms for your kids and how you can improve your spaces and choice of the colors by ELLE Decor.

Take a look below and let me know your opinion about it:



“Purple is the favorite color of this five-year-old girl. But when the princess dolls and finger paintings are packed away, this particular shade of lavender can look very sophisticated. It’s a true light purple, with no hints of blue or gray. We’ve already picked out a black, white, and lavender Manuel Canovas toile to go with it, when she’s a teenager.” —Leslie May

IA_int_kids_gardenroom_540x395  Create the perfect kids room: tips by ELLE Decor IA int kids gardenroom 540x395



“Baby blue lasts about two years, if that. So I prefer a marine blue that doesn’t go too dark. With white trim, it’s bright and energetic — exactly the opposite of what you’d think a navy room would be. When he’s older, exchange the twin bed for a mahogany fourposter and bring in forest-green Black Watch plaid to take it from nautical to preppy.” —Lori Feldman

play-ball  Create the perfect kids room: tips by ELLE Decor play ball



“My daughter thinks she has a pink room, but the walls are actually white, with a pink cast. Done in an eggshell finish, they reflect her pink shag rug and the pink fabrics. But down the line, she could simply switch out the rug and accessories to achieve a completely different look. It gives her more flexibility to grow into her room.” —Tracey Pruzan

 a7809a10933b  Create the perfect kids room: tips by ELLE Decor a7809a10933b



“You want to start with something they won’t outgrow in three years, like this strong, clear, confident blue. When they’re little, choose youthful fabrics, and when they get older, there’s nothing prettier than checks. This is a stimulating color for a toddler and not too insipid for a teenager — and not gender-specific. I just painted my nephew’s room in it, and my niece wants to swap rooms with him.” —Libby Cameron

8.20-10-blue-painted-nursery-elephants  Create the perfect kids room: tips by ELLE Decor 8



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