Damien Langlois – Meurinne is a French designer and decorator based in Paris.

His production includes different and various project such as the design of showrooms, offices, and residential commissions as well as the production of furniture and lighting.

In his creations the materials that he uses most are linen, lacquer, solid woods and bronze.

And to realize his creations, he collaborates to the best French craftsman.

In his style we can perfectly identify his point of view.

In fact he has a classical back ground combined with a continue desire of experimentation of new things.

He also doesn’t want to create object only useful but, they also have to be aesthetically good looking.

For him in fact design is not only the creation of something that has a purpose, but also the creation of something fluent, that are very sculptures.

Damien Langlois2  DAMIEN LANGLOIS MEURINNE damien langlois2 Damien Langlois4  DAMIEN LANGLOIS MEURINNE damien langlois4 Damien Langlois3  DAMIEN LANGLOIS MEURINNE damien langlois3 Damien Langlois  DAMIEN LANGLOIS MEURINNE damien langlois

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