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Dennis Parren is a younger dutch designer, his workreflects a territory wheredesign intertwines with art and science, andwhere the industrialization of products is replaced by hissensibility to creativity and experimentation. Parren Work’s  is far from what’s obvious and predictable.


Three different-coloured LEDs project light upward from a circular platform at the base of the CMYK lamp, past thin white metal bars that split the light to cast cyan, magenta and yellow shadows onto surrounding surfaces.

The lamp is shaped like a graphic outline and casts 3D shadows which he discovered only by accident. The experimental lamp sets out to display the mystery of  light and what it can be.


These magical CMYK Lamp use LED light technology to create on the surface an extremely pure expression by the bright coloured shadows.

Red, green and blue shadows are created where the different colors overlap. The properties of LED bulbs enabled Parren to show how the primary colors of light interact. “The effect it produces may be called the aesthetics of LED light.”


Says Parren: “This CMYK Lamp plays with the mystery of light and color and projects an elusive network of lines of cyan, magenta and yellow light on the ceiling. Designed not to be understood but to show that light is the only rightful owner of color.”

More about Dennis Parren and how CMYK Lamp works.

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Kate Davis
Kate Davis
9 years ago

I love his work!