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Hotel Infante Sagres is a small luxury hotel located in the heart of Porto, the portuguese city that this year has won the award of European Best Destination 2014.

One of the suite’s hotel has been refurbished with a hyper luxury furniture designed by Boca do Lobo, a Portuguese brand renowned for its unique and handcrafted design.


The CEO of Boca do Lobo, Marco Costa, stated that the brand’s goal was to create an exclusive atmosphere “where guests can have a real emotional design experience”.

The suite is adorned with “timeless pieces, each one born from a specific story and brought to life through traditional manufacturing techniques and the passion of skillful master artisans. All these techniques and all this passion can be felt inside. It is a real luxury experience.”


suite-boca-do-lobo-hotel-infante-sagres-hd-8 suite-boca-do-lobo-hotel-infante-sagres-hd-6 suite-boca-do-lobo-hotel-infante-sagres-hd-3 suite-boca-do-lobo-hotel-infante-sagres-hd-2

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