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Inside the new interior design of New York city’s hottest club
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

The designer Cenk Fikri and the creative director Richie Notar are the masterminds beneath the interior design of the famous New York Playboy Club. Are you ready to see the new look of the cities hottest club?

: Inside the new interior design of New York citiy’s hottest club

Every interior design choice was thought at the last detail. Space is composed of luxury decoration products and bespoke furniture, to give that touch of glamour that we can see in the photographs. Playboy-themed events that previously took place at the Playboy Mansion—like Mardi Gras, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve —will be taking place in one of the clubs theme rooms.: Inside the new interior design of New York citiy’s hottest club

Inside we can find four distinct lounges—The Playboy Bar, The Playboy Lounge, Playboy Black Box, and The Rabbit Hol – a brand new scenario fits the luxurious lifestyle of its customers.  Different membership levels will buy access to different areas, and each one was designed differently with some high-end decor.

: Inside the new interior design of New York citiy’s hottest club

This room includes Baroque ceilings, oversized leather couches and a 600-gallon aquarium complete with a Bunny-head-shaped handmade coral. Besides that it also has a specifically created “Instagrammable” wall, by Fikri, that will become a popular choice on social media.


The Playboy bar has the creators own person detail. In there we can find a “shoehorn-shaped” bar, as Fikri likes to call it, that functions as a center stage of the club. It was designed with a beautiful black millwork and brass, with little gold details that represent the luxury lifestyle. The bar is lit by gold-plated pendants… and maybe you recognized them from another place!

Inside the new interior design of New York citiy’s hottest club

That right! The gold-plated pendant lamps that you can see on the photographs are from a Portuguese exquisite interior decoration brand called Luxxo. They were chosen by the interior designer of the project, from the items that make part of the Burj Collection.

Inside the new interior design of New York citiy’s hottest club

The goal of the designer was to replicate the luxurious lifestyle that Playboy represents in his project. The new Playboy Club‘s grand premiere was in the past Thursday in  New York City. This interior design project was a way to honor the memory of the brand’s main character, Hugh Hefner.


Source:  It’s a New Era for the Playboy Club New York, Which Has an Opulent Design and Female Members

Photo Credit: Steve Gomillion


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