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Kerylos Intérieurs | Best Design Projects
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

Kerylos Intérieurs


Didier Benderli (Architect, Designer) assisted with a line of “limited edition” furniture, chair and table design and lighting perfectly adapted to the possiblilities and constraints of the space. Benderli’s spacial renderings helped  to refine the vision. Born in Paris, he followed his studies at the School of Architecture UP8 and art history at the Sorbonne. After graduation, he went to work in South America where he directed numerous projects including in Brazil. In 1989,  he worked with designer of the Danube Restaurant, Jacques Garcia, as artistic director for 12 years. He created his own agency, Kerylos Intérieurs, in 2001.


The principal objective, apart from creating esthetic and functional environments, is to personalize the space entrusted to us.

In close collaboration with the client, the team studies his or her needs and create, as desired, a line of “limited edition” furniture and lighting perfectly adapted to the possiblilities and constraints of the space.


Works through a diverse mixture of materials and structures, forms and colors, to achieve a seductive comfort for the clientele. The projects are based above all upon respect for the architecture of the space, its history, real or imagined, and context.

They are especially attached to reinterpreting a certain spirit of classicism, and to its justoposition with other elements in order to heighten it, to play on forms and colors to activate reminiscence ans create what one could call an effect of memory.


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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

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