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Lampara A-B-C-D3 * Wicker lamps

Lampara A-B-C-D3 * Wicker lamps  andeshouse07
‘wicker lamps’ by the andes house


Lampara A-B-C-D3 * Wicker lamps  andeshouse06

Lampara A-B-C-D3 * Wicker lamps  andeshouse02


Making process


Lampara A-B-C-D3 * Wicker lamps  andeshouse04

Lampara A-B-C-D3 * Wicker lamps  andeshouse05


The andes house

Using the country’s raw materials and learning from the knowledge of traditional craftsmanship, the young chilean designers

created these ‘wicker’ lamps, as part of their lighting and furniture line named ‘made in mimbre‘. the lamps are made from
natural fiber obtained from the salix plant. maintaining its natural color, the fiber strands are braided around a wire frame.

TheAndesHouse® is a design firm that works with Material and Identity in order to create architectural products and projects. The material is the starting point for each project, and our attempts to understand, comprehend, and analyze its potential, allows us to locate and develop products where the Material finds itself in a role appropriate for its character.

“We work with identity in order to transmit and communicate the manner in which we make these objects, including their origins and cultural context, in order that the pieces reflect our search for a simple and effective solution.

One of our most recognized projects is madeinMIMBRE®, where we have designed a line of products in mimbre, generating works together with the artisans and the community of Chimbarango, Chile.”

CRISTIAN DOMINGUEZ F. architect – designer

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