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Lathe I by Sebastian Brajkovic

2010 40 Lathe I xl (special commission) Bronze dipped in copperbath embroidered upholster


Sebastian Brajkovic is an amazing artist and designer. The pieces displayed above, along with many of his others, demonstrate fine art skills. The distribution of colors and painterly quality of the Lathe 1 chair is absolutely stunning.

All the Lathe collection comprises furniture pieces that appear to have been stretched or extruded. His work is both highly contemporary, using computer technology to form composition, yet ingrained in history with its exquisite craftsmanship and traditional techniques.

His artistic process starts by deconstructing historical pieces of furniture, in particular seventeenth-century chairs, then through a combination of wood carving, bronze casting and hand embroidering, he reconstructs an entirely new vision.

In the Lathe works, Brajkovic plays with his ’sitters’ subconscious comfort of the familiar, by taking traditional forms and techniques and subverting them with contemporary attitude.

“This extruding idea came from a Photoshop function where you can pick a row of pixels and extend them as long as you want,”

Sebastian Brajkovic works will be presented by Carpenters Workshop Gallery at DESIGN MIAMI/ FAIR from november 30 to december 4.

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