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Aleksandra Lepka is a interior designer from Poland. She’s graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw in the direction of interior design.

She’s the owner of the company ALL DESIGN in kalisz.

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Company ALL DESIGN was founded in lifelong passion for art. Observing changes in the design of architecture and furniture, especially the interior, caused me a great love for space, color, light and shape. They build our environment, are a major tool for my work and require the proper application to their qualities can be fully utilized. The use of functionally designed interior can be achieved extraordinary results that can be a dream come true for the place elegant, confortable and modern.

EdenGreen_pyramide_28-barrisol  Luxury Spas: EDEN GREEN SPA & SPORT EdenGreen pyramide 28 barrisol


The project “EDEN GREEN SPA & SPORT” in DĄBCZE near Leszno in Poland.

EdenGreen_pyramide_19-barrisol  Luxury Spas: EDEN GREEN SPA & SPORT EdenGreen pyramide 19 barrisol


The designer designed there salt cave in the Egyptian style. This is an original and unique design BARRISOL in Poland. During design, the most important was the making of the spirit and the cultural climate of Egypt. Thanks to help the company Hurst and photographer Piotr Olesiak, I created a form of a pyramid with an authentic application of the pyramid of Cheops, the pattern of Egypt.

14481_474462252597635_1407602888_n  Luxury Spas: EDEN GREEN SPA & SPORT 14481 474462252597635 1407602888 n

This was published in the prestigious calendar for the year 2013 and in catalogs BARRSIOL around the world.





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