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Future Primitives * Severen

Future Primitives by Muller Van Severen



This collection is from a design duo Muller Van Serveren the Belgium, they presented they work in the Interieur design biennale in Kortrijk, Blegium.
The unique collection is minimalist, takes simplicity to is maxium form. They vary
heights and configurations, some with seats draped like deckchairs inserted into their frames, as well as standing and hanging lamps and separate chairs and loungers. They combined leather seats with colourful plastic shelves.


The theme for this artwork is Future Primitives, they had to understand what Primitives could be represented, so they with materials, and basic structures, updated them for the future to combine different functions, the intentions was to create something “timeless”.


The designers selected materials they felt were strong and simple, such as tubular steel and leather.
“We chose the materials because we think they are very pure,” designer  Fien Mullersaid. “The leather is very natural [and] also the steel tubes are not painted because we like the light in it. When you paint it that’s gone.”

The shelves are made from polyethylene plates used in the catering industry for food hygiene purposes. “All the colours are made for one food, for example yellow is for poultry, blue is for fish, green is for vegetables,” said Muller.



They work seems to be inspired in th de Stijl movement with the slim black frames splashed with colour, much like Gerrit Rietveld’s 1923 Red Blue Chair.
“We used all the colours you can have of that material, but it’s again the combination of the colours that makes it special,” she added.

Photographs are by Frederik Vercruysse.



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