“[s]corched matchstick [s]ugar pine” table * by td[s]. | Best Design Projects

“[s]corched matchstick [s]ugar pine” table * by td[s].

“[s]corched matchstick [s]ugar pine” table by Los Angeles based company, td[s].


The large sugar pine table top is first scorched then treated with a waterborne urethane. Such an interesting way to treat/finish wood and how great are those tiny pointed steel and brass legs.

waterborne urethane painted steel brass


Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art, Rancho Cucamonga California.

td[s] designs and builds casework for kitchens, bathrooms, and interior spaces.

They are not only designers, but also licensed C-6 contractors in cabinetry, millwork and finish carpentry. their design aesthetic is inspired by the beauty and function of Shaker furniture, as well. their backgrounds in painting and sculpture.

Todosomething ( td[s] ) believes that fine cabinetry not only adds function and value to a home, but also heart and soul.


The td[s] collection is a line of products designed and produced in downtown of Los Angeles studio. They are dedicated to using local fabricators
and manufacturers and have a hands-on approach to making products.

see more at: todosomething.com

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