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SHYLIGHT Light * Drift Design Studio | Best Design Projects
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SHYLIGHT Light * Drift Design Studio

SHYLIGHT is a light hidden in a cocoon. It is based on the natural process by which flowers attract and repel pollen-gathering bees. It falls out of its ëcocoon’, open sits petaals and floats own to show all its splendor. At the slightest danger Shylight flips up and retreats into its shell. SHYLIGHT unfolds its blossom by a systems of springs.


The lamp shade is made out of many layers of pure silk, kept apart by arms that connect to the springs. The silk is stitched in such a structure that it dances with every movement. Gravity lets SHYLIGHT slide down and a motor controlls the upward movement.


The brightness of the LED and the speed of the movement are fully programmable and can be controlled by I-phone or Ipad. A group of SHYLIGHTS can be programmed to perform a choreography together on a piece of music. Imagine a hall with a field of Shylights hanging from the roof, all moving together… Watch the video of SHYLIGHT at Design Days Dubai 2012



The studio was founded by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn, both graduates of the Design Academy of Einhoven. The duo’s skills are complimentary; Nauta’s precise knowledge of craft, materials and production techniques; Gordijn’s intuitive awareness of concept and composition. The resulting works are an intriguing amalgamation of fantasy and increasingly relevant reality. They question relationship between nature, technology and humankind.

“We are curious about the future, not only the new technologies that are changing design, but also the evolutionary developments in nature and human culture. We strive to find the perfect combination of knowledge and intuition, science fiction and nature, fantasy and interactivity”

see more about drift desing at : www.designdrift.nl

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