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The Best Shipping Container Architect Projects in Last Decade | Best Design Projects
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We receive frequently proposals of new topics to be approached in our blog.

Today we publish here the article produced by Sophie Andersen, a home decor enthusiast and architecture lover from Australia. In the last months, she has been exploring and writing about modern and eco-friendly architecture projects. Results of that research was a few articles/reviews about using shipping container as a living area.

“Shipping containers have always associated us with the large, plain and simple metal constructions that help us pack our stuff and put them onto the ship. But, if you believe that these constructions can’t be used for something more creative, well, you are terribly wrong. However, in the last few decades, modern architects have started many projects and redecorated many shipping containers into amazing facilities. Here are some most interesting facts.

 The first thing you should know about shipping containers is that are multifunctional and eco- friendly. For they are off-the-grid constructions, they help us preserve the nature. The sole fact that they could be easily constructed and transported, inspired talented architects use them in their innovative projects.

Home is where you feel at home

One of the most interesting ideas is to turn the shipping container into a real dwelling and this venture could have numerous pros and cons.  Since they act like a green house which is rather cheap and eco-friendly, many people have chosen to actually live in them. On the other hand, for there are no supplies of water or energy, they need to be additionally insulated and to prevent the construction from rusting. The diapason of possible ideas is really wide, from construction a guest home to a full time single family home. You could also choose the dimensions of the house, and use a single container or the combination of the several ones. Anyhow, if you think that this project is a mission impossible, here you are several facts that will prove that you are completely mistaken.


Beach Box by Andrew Anderson

One of these examples is the impressive Beach Box by the architect Andrew Anderson, which is located in the dunes of Amagansett, near New York. The house of 2000 square foot is constructed of six containers and looks really impressive.


Three story container house by Ziegler Build

Another great example is the three story container house that was recently built near Brisbane. This breath-taking 6000 square house is constructed of thirty one brand new shipping containers and it numerous astonishing rooms including four bedrooms, four bathrooms and large balconies with an amazing view.


Containerlove home by LHVH Architekten

Finally, another extraordinary example is the Containerlove home by LHVH Architekten, which is situated in Kall, Germany.  This interesting construction of three containers is placed in a quite rural environment, which emphasizes its modern design even more. One of the most fascinating things about those mansions is that, apart from their luxurious and cozy interior, their exterior looks spectacular, and not simple or hideous at all. This kind of dwelling could be a perfect solution for those who are interested in uncommon ventures.


Relieving monotony

Library in Batu

Many talented architects have also proved that container shelters could be also used in even more complex projects, such as the construction of public institutions. A colorful library in Batu, made from eight recycled shipping containers is certainly a perfect example. Apart from bringing vivacity and relieving monotony of its surroundings, it was extremely cheap costing only $820 USD.


Bharati Antarctic Research Station

There is also The Bharati Antarctic Research Station, which is a self-sufficient energy composition of 134 containers, which use metal constructions as an insulation. It raised the purpose of the station on even higher level, making it both functional and magnificent.


ECOntainer Bridge
And last, but not least, there is also ECOntainer Bridge, which will soon be constructed in Israel. However, this miraculous construction will be used by pedestrians and light vehicles, and more importantly, it will be really easy to repair or replace its parts, without some larger reconstructions.

Finally, as you have probably notices, these facilities have two important functions, Firstly, since they don’t waste natural resources, they will help us raise ecological awareness and save our planet. Secondly, they are affordable and easy to maintain. For every design enthusiast, constructing and decorating a dwelling made of shipping shelters would be a real pleasure.”

Source: Sophie Andersen Archielover

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