The Design Project For The New Hermes Landmark In Hong Kong

The Design Project For The New Hermès Store In Hong Kong –  Hermès is opening a new store in the Landmark Prince’s mall in Hong Kong. The design project is one of the Covet International Awards 2018 contestants!


The design project for this new store, located at the crossroads of Ice Street House and Road Greetings, Hong Kong, was created by the Parisian architecture and design agency, RDAI. This project is a contestant in the most popular design competition in the world, organized by the Covet Group.

The New Design Project For The Hermes Landmark In Hong Kong

Founded in 1972 by Rena Dumas, the RDAI is an architecture and design agency well-known for their versatility. This design firm, led by Denis Montel is responsible for the architectural structure and interior design of the new Hermes Landmark Prince’s Central.

The New Design Project For The Hermes Landmark In Hong Kong

The design team, led by Denis Montel, created an architectural project influenced by the main lines of the local architecture. The futuristic style of the building highlights the copper-colored anodized aluminum façade that shows the rhythm and verticality of bamboo as a material.

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The New Design Project For The Hermes Landmark In Hong Kong

The interior decoration was based on materials like lacquered wood, leather, stucco, marble, and woven metal and on a palette of warm colors. The spaces are subdivided by some champagne-colored woven metal pieces. On the floor, we have two different textures, mosaic on the ground floor and bamboo parquet on the rest of the places. However, you can still find some floor rugs, covered in the pattern of bamboo fibers, in certain spots of the shop.

The New Design Project For The Hermes Landmark In Hong Kong

Eight kilometers of rectangular tubes aligned to form a mantle with kinetic effects makes the front view of the store. Throughout this structural entrance, you can see glimpses of the ground floor, the mezzanine level, and the upper floor, which equals two entrances and three levels in total. The aluminum façade accentuates the presence of Hermès at this strategic crossroads in Hong Kong.

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