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New York based Tihany Design is regarded today as the world’s preeminent hospitality designer. They have an extensive portfolio, having worked on whole hotels, restaurants, bars, special guest rooms and suites, spa and fitness areas, meeting rooms, ballrooms, shops, airports, exhibits and even cruise ships. But they encompass other aspects of design like products, exhibitions, and graphics. Each of their grand projects becomes an icon.



They are focused on the contemporary luxury sector, but always maintaining a close concern with traditional values. Each of their projects is entirely unique, and made in a way to fit with the owner’s cultural values and preferences. Especially, when working on a restaurant, great care is given to adapt the interiors to the kind of food being served and which brand of hospitality the chefs want to History is made and celebrated through the materials employed in the interiors, the kind of furnishings and overall ambiance emanated. A big effort is given to the “art” of moving a person through a space by Tihany, as they see it as a key aspect of any hospitality project.



More than 30 years of experience come in handy when you have to deal with recreating the iconic properties of historical places, such as the Oberoi in New Delhi and the Beverly hills Hotel. It takes firstly great research skimming through every bit of information available on the place. There is also a considerable amount of resistance against changing these kinds of places, some people want to go back to the old ways, but you find, sometimes, that these just don’t work anymore.



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