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During winter time there’s nothing like having a house in the mountains and to enjoy the nature views while sitting in a comfortable couch with a blanket, a hot cup tea and a fireplace nearby.

Here are 5 of the most incredible mountain houses with a rustic touch that you can find around the world.

1. Flight House by Sage Architecture

  This house represents a mid-century modern twist on the traditional cabin in the woods.

Top-10-Mountain- Houses-Around- the-World-10

Top-10-Mountain- Houses-Around- the-World-18

2. Mountain House around Lake Wakatipu 

New Zealand is known by the valuable mountains featured along the country.

The project was masterminded by the Fearon Hay Architects. The house has heated floors, mountain spring water and eco-friendly amenities.

Top-10-Mountain- Houses-Around- the-World-5

Top-10-Mountain- Houses-Around- the-World-15

3. House Retreat at Vindo

Vindo is a Swedish Island and this incredible house was designed by the architect Max Holst who careful conceived this project bearing in mind the amount of pines that surrounds the house.

Top-10-Mountain- Houses-Around- the-World-6

Top-10-Mountain- Houses-Around- the-World-7

4. Unusual Shape at Austriac Mountains

The project was signed by Ufogel and it looks like it was formed alongside the rocks and trees.

Top-10-Mountain- Houses-Around- the-World-20Top-10-Mountain- Houses-Around- the-World-21

5. Chapel-Like Cabin on the Italian Alps

Perched on the Italian alps, in honor of deceased mountain climber and photographer Luca Veurich, Giovanni Pesamosca Architetto construction built this chapel-like cabin made of simple wood and metal. It’s free to use for any climbers who need momentary shelter from the elements.

Top-10-Mountain- Houses-Around- the-World-19 Top-10-Mountain- Houses-Around- the-World-3

Top-10-Mountain- Houses-Around- the-World-21

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