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Zaha Hadid is the  new owner of London Desig Museum.

Design Museum is located by the River Thames near Tower Bridge in central London, England. The museum covers product, industrial, graphic, fashion and architectural design. It was founded in 1989 and claims to be the first museum of modern design. In 2007, the museum was listed by The Times newspaper as number two in their top five museums of the year.

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The London Design Museum resigned that Zaha Hadid has bought their building, home of the institution since 1989, a year after she made ​​an offer to a private funder. Although the architect’s plans for the structure of the fifties are still unknown,  some have a hunch that she intends to turn it into a museum of architecture, while others believe that the building will be the new headquarters of his office.The money from the sale will be used to help fund a new museum in the former Commonwealth Institute in Kensington. The interior of this new museum will be designed by Pawson, while the OMA will be in charge of the design of the neighborhood residential.

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According to a clause in the sales contract, the Design Museum will continue to operate in Shad Thames in Soutjwark, until 2015. Once completed, the new building will have three times the display area of the old building bought by Hadid, and will attract approximately 500,000 visitors per year.
In a press release provided by the Design Museum, Zaha Hadid commented: “This important acquisition of Shad Thames preserve its importance, and we look forward to the future use and occupation of the building.”

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