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Arrow New York store, Noida – India | Best Design Projects
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

Arrow New York store, Noida – India-Noida-07

The customer is bound to feel that the brand has great subtlety and finesse

Arrow New York store, Noida – India

Basic design of the wall panels has been inspired from the N/Y buildings glass window panes by doing away with channels and slat wall. More of ceiling and floor has been used for the fixture placement to make the store more dynamic giving the option to transpose the floor units means that a variety of display configurations are now possible in accordance with the requirements of the merchandise.

Arrow New York store, Noida – IndiaArrow-New-York-store-Noida-03

By creating drama through powerful visual merchandising statements and impactful use of backlit visual in the lounge area which looks like a scene in New York City the store always looks fresh and novel. The attention to detail, selected materials and flexible fixture design all form part of the design philosophy. We also have plan to alter the backlit area into a real touch screen in which visual will change according to the mood/ climate outside, for ex. If outside it’s a bright sunny day visual in store will change to a relaxing gentle and soothing interiors of a building for giving the luxury and an element of surprise to the customers.

Arrow New York store, Noida – India

The most important strategy followed in the store design was to use a fusion of different materials, excellent presentation, and precise communication and use them efficiently to deliver the correct customer experience for the store. Overall, the color palette was kept neutral with Black and white being the main color of the store and focal walls have been created at the center of the stores which are inside lit of which color can be changed according to season colors. Also dark glass used at the straight back of the store makes the store appear finer and open, we deliberately did not add mirror and make it more obvious.

Arrow New York store, Noida – India

At the center of the store Accessory Display area has been created in which each shelf is lit from inside highlighting the accessories and also it is not a colossal fixture or a display unit in fact it a place to have a more co-ordinated look of ties, belts, socks, shoes etc.. CDU and Nesting tables displayed at the entrance of the store has been made with the interesting combination of material i.e. wood, leather and marble for displaying new arrivals and top highlights of the season.

Arrow New York store, Noida – India

Façade has been inspired from the famous Brooklyn bridge of New York which has lot of metal and light used, windows has been kept minimalistic, very sharp and stylized. Trial rooms have been made very comfortable and cozy for letting the consumer have his OWN time with merchandise, in the floor of trial room glass is used beneath that is a NY skyline visual making it feel as if NY building are under your feet.

Link: http://retaildesignblog.net/2012/12/14/arrow-new-york-store-noida-india/

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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas