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British Craftsmanship: The Best Creative Designers And Their Artworks
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British Craftsmanship: The Best Creative Designers And Their ArtworksThese designers are becoming a worldwide design sensation thanks to their respect and practice for ancient artistic methods. There is a bright future for Britain’s traditional crafts and techniques if luxury brandsassociations, and the government keep on funding incredible projects to raise the quality level of clothing, accessories, watches, jewelry, silverware and homeware designs, among others.


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British craftsmanship is considered one of the ancient European treasures and is the base for some of the most incredible masterpieces created by modern master artisans and product designers. Young designers are bringing old art methods back and are creating unique master artworks that are a fresh reinterpretation of the old artistic movements. These pieces can be commonly found in an art gallery or in an Art Déco inspired luxury home!

Cleft Chair by Max Lamb

British Craftsmanship: The Best Creative Designers And Their Artworks

Born in 1980, the British designer is known for using highly uncommon approaches to natural materials, including pouring pewter onto the sand, and volcanic rock. Max attended Northumbria University, receiving a degree in Three Dimensional Design and in 2006 he achieved his master’s degree in design products from the Royal College of Art. A year later the product designer and master artisan started teaching Industrial Design at Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne in Switzerland, and (later) at the Royal College of Art.

British Craftsmanship: The Best Creative Designers And Their Artworks

He combines traditional and ancient craftsmanship techniques with digital design and practices energetic long-lasting methods of production, as we can see in the Cleft Chair design. This design is a reinterpretation of his Urushi Stool (092) and adopts the same technique of cleaving a freshly cut log in its ‘green’ state using a traditional froe (forged by Gränsfors Bruk in Sweden). The froe splits the wood along the grain so the natural structure of the wood is both visible and tangible. This rustic structure is covered in urushi lacquer, or in this case 23.5-carat gold leaf and was produced by Gallery Fumi.

“Optical Light” by Lee Broom

British Craftsmanship: The Best Creative Designers And Their Artworks

With his highly innovative luxury furniture and lighting designs, the designer is one of the UK’s foremost product designers and a premium global design brand. His work is celebrated and retailed across the globe. His modern masterpieces are made with some original and contemporary methods that reinterpret the classic styles.

British Craftsmanship: The Best Creative Designers And Their Artworks

Made from powdered coated spun steel and blown from opaque glass, the Op Art graphic patterns are the inspiration for this modern pendant light. The asymmetry of the black stripes are in contrast to the classic spherical shape of the globe. When viewed from all sides, Optical’s linear pattern changes at every angle.


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Echoes of Amphora Series by Eleanor Lakelin

British Craftsmanship: The Best Creative Designers And Their Artworks

Eleanor is one of the best European master artisans. the London-based artist dedicated to wood sculpture who grew up in a rural area of Wales immersed in nature. Passionate about wood and its history and origin, she has spent many years perfecting form and experimenting with how the properties of wood can be used to express the rhythm of time and our relationship with the earth.

British Craftsmanship: The Best Creative Designers And Their Artworks

The London-based artist creates vessels from horse chestnut burr, hand turned, sandblasted and bleached. This piece is from her “Echoes of Amphora Series”  that she designed in 2018. Most of her wood sculptures are integrates numerous prestigious collections worldwide.


Orchid Mirror by Laura Hart

British Craftsmanship: The Best Creative Designers And Their Artworks

The Suffolk glass artist brings to life fine glass sculptures and functional glass tableware from her studio in rural Cavendish. She is one of the best master artisans in Europe and is specialized in kiln formed glass orchids, glass wildflowers and meticulously detailed fused and cast glass butterflies. Laura’s work brings several traditional glass making techniques together with the addition of sterling silver for anatomical detail. She focuses on fused glass production uniting 21st-century 3D design applications with ancient glassmaking techniques.

British Craftsmanship: The Best Creative Designers And Their Artworks

One of her famous designs is the beautiful “Orchid Mirror” that was created with three Appaloosa phalaenopsis orchids set on a delicate metallic stem circling this large round mirror. A beautiful looking glass by day; an ambient lighting piece by night as subtly discreet backlighting behind the mirror reveals every gossamer detail of the orchid sculptures. The “Orchid Mirror” was featured in the Financial Times, ‘How to Spend it Magazine’.

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