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Christophe Pillet – Technological Furniture | Best Design Projects
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

Christophe Pillet may be the most brilliantly French individual GQ. Cristopher Pillet  is a designer with many facets. He evolves from product design to furniture design, through architecture, interior architecture and design. His universe is characterized by clean lines creations, delicate and refined Christopher define himself as an adventure who has, by this own admission, no career plan and does not seek recognition, likes simple things , elegant, who talk to everyone.

Christophe Pillet may be the most brilliantly French individual GQ.

He rejects the superfluous, choses elegance. And above all, detest the things that “Yell”. When asked about his style, Cristopher Pillet answer come rapidly “Maybe when I’m 70 years old, looking back … yes, then we can define my style ”. His influences were forged with beautiful meetings like Andrea Branzi (his teacher and mentor) and Catherina Malandrino (fashion designer).

Christophe Pillet may be the most brilliantly French individual GQ.Scrupulous designer in the rigorous choice of materials and finishings, he searched from the beginning a sober elegance in his collaboration with brands such as Edra, Trussardi, Daum, Lancôme, Shiseido and Whirpool. When he needs inspiration, he certainly not reading design books or design magazines. Christophe Pillet may be the most brilliantly French individual GQ.

When he’s in crisis, it’s much more efficient for his to take a good weekend far away and be alone with hiself. Inspiration is a mix of everything you can see: millions of small inputs that start to make a sedimentation in which you can go and get things when you need them. Usually he is working in a conceptual but pragmatic way, so whether someone is asking me to design a hotel or a mobile phone, his first question is “What’s the use of it? Why do I need it?” On the other hand, there is the reservoir of sedimentation, of bouillabaisse, made like a sponge, grabbing everything. He goes there, squeeze the sponge and try to work on the juice, separate the dark from the clean.Christophe Pillet – Technological Furniture

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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

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