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 "Cy Pepys"Attention to detail and enjoy all existing materials to create sophisticated and luxurious spaces is the Cy Pepys’ idea.

Cy Pepys himself and have a dialogue with the surrounding space. They have a very different and concrete philosophy . Proceeding from the diversity of the elements at their disposal, they create spaces with a soul of its own and always modern.

"Cy Pepys"For them the detail is not an element of decoration but rather an essential and enriching any interior space. That’s what makes a place so different from another, is detail, detail. The twins are the same but maybe one has a signal and the other not. It is this signal which distinguishes one from the other. It’s the detail.

"Cy Pepys"

Proceeding from the diversity of the elements at our disposal, playing with light and shadow, the sensual richness of materials, the rhythm of surfaces and perspectives, their interiors breathe space.

Cy Pepys features a minimalist but have thought grandiose projects.

"Cy Pepys"

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