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We would like to improve our dining room to receive our family and friends. So, we decided share with you trought the Best Design Projects some ideias that you can apply in your own dining room.

Check ideas that we found below:


Bright Spot

grey-yellow-diningroom_gal  How to Decorate Your Dining Room grey yellow diningroom gal

Like the sun breaking through gray skies, this color combination is a happy surprise. Let the yellow accents shine by choosing clean, modern lines on the walls, windows, and floor.

By Tom Leighton/Homes & Gardens/IPC+ Syndication


Naturally Beautiful

mismatched-dining-room-ictcrop_gal  How to Decorate Your Dining Room mismatched dining room ictcrop gal

Mismatched chairs in neutral shades add character to this open, inviting space. A floral wallpaper in a muted tone will feel modern, not frilly, which can balance a space that is filled with accessories like hanging wreaths, bamboo cutting boards, and more.

By Simon Whitmore/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication


Family Dining

rustic-elegance-diningroom_gal  How to Decorate Your Dining Room rustic elegance diningroom gal

Too much wood (table, chairs, flooring, cabinetry) can be a bit overwhelming. Think creatively about the pieces you bring into the room, like this painted cabinet, which keeps things light (add adds tons of storage). Focus on details: Nailhead trim on seat cushions can be a fun contrast to the farmhouse style.

Interior design by M L Interior Design


Fit for a Crowd

striped-slip-covers_gal  How to Decorate Your Dining Room striped slip covers gal

When you’re decorating a large, wide-open space, focus on capturing light and calling attention to architectural details. Display treasured mementos in open bookshelves to personalize a space and to give it a cozy vibe. Slipcovered chairs add texture and offer flexibility to a palette because they can easily be changed—and washed.

By Brent Darby/Country Homes and Interiors/IPC+Syndication


Starring Stripes

red-striped-room-ictcrop_gal  How to Decorate Your Dining Room red striped room ictcrop gal

If you’re looking for a casual style for a just-off-the-kitchen dining area, then choose understated design elements like blue tile flooring, red-striped linens, industrial lighting. If you need a low-maintenance seasonal change, rotate the seat covers for a fresh look throughout the year.

By James Merrell/Homes & Gardens/IPC+ Syndication


Subtle Pattern

traditional-damask-wallpaper_gal  How to Decorate Your Dining Room traditional damask wallpaper gal

A traditional damask wallpaper looks edgy in a tone-on-tone color. The gray-green looks fresh, not muddy, when paired with white and blonde wood furniture.

By Nigel Rigden/Style at Home/IPC+ Syndication


Matching Set

traditional-table-chairs_gal (1)  How to Decorate Your Dining Room traditional table chairs gal 1

A traditional table and chairs feels less formal when the room is filled with oversized extra seating, bookcases, and relaxed lighting. The overall effect is warm, homey, and practical.

By Robert Sanderson/25 Beautiful Homes/IPC+ Syndication


Black Magic

zebra-striped-chairs_gal  How to Decorate Your Dining Room zebra striped chairs gal

Zebra stripes and fringed curtains are playful but still sophisticated. To add warmth and prevent the space from feeling over-the-top, choose wallpaper in a creamy or gold-toned palette.

By Polly Wreford/Homes & Gardens/IPC+ Syndication


Mix and Match

large-round-table_gal  How to Decorate Your Dining Room large round table gal

This room is proof that you can mix materials (dark and light woods, gold and silver fixtures, wood and plastic chairs) and still have a pulled-together look.

Interior design by Sabrina Linn

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