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Donmar Warehouse is a famous not-for-profit contemporary theatre company that had acquired a former warehouse placed on Dryden Street.

London's Most Important Theatre Companies Revamped 3

The building’s degradation over the years has now been forced to an intervetion by the famous architect Haworth Tompkins who has won the most important architecture prize in the UK. The architect revamped all the warehouse to create rehearsal and office spaces.

London's Most Important Theatre Companies Revamped 2

The Haworth’s strategy was to “design a convivial and creative professional working environment within the constraints of a limited budget and a tightly enclosed site”.

London's Most Important Theatre Companies Revamped

One of the ideas was to create a brightly coloured staircase along the different levels of the warehouse. According to the architecture this staircase is “the warm heart of the building” and it has been painted in vivid shades of red, blue and purple by the artist Antoni Malinowski.


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In the other areas of the warehouse remained the raw aspect. The old brickwork are lefted exposed while visible ceiling beams present their original now-peeling paintwork.

London's Most Important Theatre Companies Revamped 7

The greatest intervention was the addition of a double-height rehearsal space in the basement of a similar size to the main stage at the Donmar.

The first floor became offices, while an education studio was created beneath the roof rafters on the second floor. The architects also found room to slot in an apartment for visiting artists in the attic.

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