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Nanocrystalline Copper * Max Lamb

091. Nanocrystalline Copper Furniture


091. Nanocrystalline Copper Utensils


This exeptional works exemplify Lamb’s skills as a designer, a craftsman, and an artist, the designer was been preoccupied with processes and materials, and alternative ways in which these can be manipulated, exploring the potential of local skill-based industries, combining skilled hand-craft techniques with native materials, and sometimes juxtaposing these with digital processes and the high- tech..

Max Lamb Graduating from Northumbria University with a degree in Three Dimensional Design in 2003, Lamb earned early recognition for his talent, receiving the 2003 Peter Walker Award for Innovation in Furniture Design and a 2004 Hettich International Design Award. Before launching his independent design practice in 2007, Lamb worked with Tom Dixon, designing furniture for his Special Project series. His career began as a design consultant for Ou Baholyodhin Studio, London, designing furniture, graph- ics, interior products, restaurants, shops, exhibitions, and residential interiors. In 2006, he earned a Masters Degree in Design Products at the Royal College of Art, focusing on furniture forms and establishing a precise, process-driven approach to design. A strong international sensibility cultivated in travel to China, India, Nigeria, Japan and elsewhere, and an appreciation for natural materials, born of his love of the outdoors, infuse Lamb’s work. His pieces have been exhibited inter- nationally, including Tokyo, Stockholm, Milan and London, as well as in Miami and Basel.

This fabulous work are available at Johnson Trading Gallery


Johnson Trading Gallery is committed to commissioning and funding unique contempo- rary works from emerging artists, designers and architects, and to curating exhi- bitions of the finest 20th Century design. Paul Johnson made his name as owner and operator of Phurniture Inc., founded in 2001. His extensive knowledge and vast collection of historical design, as well as his attraction to contemporary artists that push boundaries, proved invaluable to his future as design gallerist.

Operating now as Johnson Trading Gallery, the space aims to showcase rare works by established masters such as Paul Evans, George Nakashima, David Ebner and Mario Dal Fabbro, in addition to simultaneously creating an outlet for current commissioned artists Aranda/Lasch, Steven Holl and Joseph Heidecker. The result: an environment that serves as a contextualized timeline of historical precedence and modern tech- nology.

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