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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas



Today, we will share with you the best Retail Interior Design Trends for 2014. As already we shared the Office Design Trends for 2014 and 2014 Interior Design Trends.

Take a look at this different places/stores that you could visit this year:


The Converse San Francisco Store Blends Lifestyle with Apparel


“It’s hard to say if there are many other shoe designs as iconic as the Chuck Taylor by Converse, but if there are then the new Converse San Francisco Store is sure to stock them. Designed with a distinct focus on the street culture and aesthetic that the brand has come to be known for, the Converse San Francisco Store is expertly designed to be something of a destination rather than a shop.”

From Subway Car Grocery Stores to Luxury Fashion Delivery Services


“Meant to entice pedestrians and convince them that they need to step inside, the PuLSaTe installation project uses op-art architecture techniques for an unforgettable showroom space.”

The Aksel Paris New NYC Store Turns into an Art Gallery at Night


“Located on West Broadway in the Soho district of Manhattan, the Aksel Paris store is used for selling custom shirts during the day and is an art gallery in the evening.”

The Linda Farrow BOFFO Shop Exercises an Industrial Arrangement


“It would have been all too predictable to use the conventional shelves and tables with which to display this line of fashionable sunglasses, so the Linda Farrow BOFFO pop-up shop opted for a very different setup. You most certainly will not find typical furnishings within the temporary shipping container store in NYC, for heaps of rubble with opulent accents have been incorporated instead.”

This Facial Recognition Vending Machine Personalizes Purchases


“The Sap Hana-powered facial recognition vending machine not only remembers returning customers, but is also capable of recommending personalized purchases. The smart vending machine has a touchscreen interface that lets costumers scan their smartphone to order and pay. This is in addition to the facial recognition software that will recommend food, drinks and promotional offers.”

Grand Central Station Hosts a Huge House to Promote Target


“Busy New Yorkers making their morning commute on May sixth and seventh 2013 would have found it hard to miss the two-storey life-sized dollhouse set up in the middle of Grand Central Station.”

The Stuart Weitzman Rome Location was Designed by Fabio Novembre


“Designed by Fabio Novembre, the retail space draws inspiration from Christo style aesthetic. Novembre, a Milan-based designer, executed his vision of an uninterrupted ribbon-lined interior that allows consumers to focus on the creations of Stuart Weitzman whilst being hypnotized by its intricacy.”

See more at http://www.trendhunter.com

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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

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