WIX Lithuania: Office Designed by Inblum Architects | Best Design Projects



The global IT Company WIX has recently opened in Vilnius, Lithuania.

wix1 The concept of this design office was in charge of the Lithuanians Inblum Architects. The space was conceived in two distinctive phases, considering the company’s growing needs. In the first phase it was established 16 working places and in a second stage a full capacity of 32 working places. wix2wix3wix7 In the open space, the Inblum Architects defined working desks near the windows. They have also clustered meeting units in the middle of the space: wix5wix8 The leisure area has a colorful design and it is fulfilled with a football table and a small kitchen. wix6 The workers have access to small couches in the windowsill where they can chill. first image Learn more about this cool office space in: Inblum Architects.

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