yii design*calligraphy cupboard by Po-Ching Liao | Best Design Projects

yii design*calligraphy cupboard by Po-Ching Liao

Yii’ is a taiwan’s original craft design brand. its name is derived from the word ‘yi’which in taiwanese philosophy means ‘change and transformation’, and is believed to be the underlying law behind nature. ‘yii’ is an initiative of the taiwan craft research institute, whose aim is to encourage the taiwanese people to cultivate a great appreciation of the crafts, to bring beauty into life, and seek greater international exchanges related to these traditional production practices.

Under the creative direction of dutch designer gijs bakker, these newest works focus on the revival of the increasingly extinct taiwanese craft in contemporary, exploring methods of bamboo work, ceramic, fine silver works, lacquerware, wood carving and other ancient craft processes, teaming up taiwanese designers with local craftsmen. there is also a particular focus on ‘green’ manufacturing methods, assuring sustainability and high quality production.

via@designboom http://yiidesign.com

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