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Discover The Top 20 Renowned Designers List From Mexico City - Part I
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

Discover The Top 20 Renowned Designers List From Mexico City – Part I – With numerous inspirational design ideas, ranging from different styles, I bet that these interior designers from Mexico will give you what you need to create your own little interior design project!  Find out more about our incredible top 20 renowned designers list here!

Discover The Top 20 Renowned Designers List From Mexico City - Part I

Prepare yourself to meet the most incredible renowned designers and design studios that are setting the interior design trends in Mexico’s interior design industry! If you’re thinking about starting your own little project, that this is going to be your ultimate inspiration source! The Best Design Projects blog brings you the first part of our top 20 interior designers based in the incredible Mexico City to inspire you. Discover all the amazing luxury design talent that the famous country capital city has to offer!

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#1 Joel Escalona

Discover The Top 20 Renowned Designers List From Mexico City - Part I
Image Credit: Joel Escalona

The renowned interior designer founded his industrial design studio that is now considered as a  top Central American Multi-Purpose Design Studio with a strong vision for the future. Specialized in product development, interior design and creative direction within fashion, furniture, lifestyle, and technology, they have worked with a wide range of clients from Mexico, the United States, Europe, and Asia, which provided them a global vision of the industry and what the international clients are looking for.  As one of the most prolific and multidisciplinary designers of his generation, Joel has worked on a set of projects ranging from product design, furniture and jewelry, to consulting and has participated in international design events such as Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano, DESIGN MIAMI / BASEL in Switzerland and ICFF in New York City. Considered as  “one of the new wave of young designers to watch for in the world” by Wallpaper * Magazine, Joel’s contemporary design projects have been published in several international publications, such as Dezeen, Metropolis Magazine, Architectural Digest and GQ.

#2 TEN Arquitectos

Discover The Top 20 Renowned Designers List From Mexico City - Part I
Image Credit: TEN Arquitectos

With 28 years of experience in cultural, centers, hotels, museums, residential and urban developments, parks, public spaces and furnishing, the architecture studio has offices based in Mexico City and New York. They are experts in developing architecture and interior projects with social, environmental, political and financial responsibility.  Founded by the renowned Mexican architect, Enrique Norten, this renowned architecture studio has created over 50 modern design projects and is committed to the principles of organization and configuration of the spaces betting on dialogue, multiple visions and the reinvention of spaces from different cultures and urban phenomena. Their goal is to create luminous spaces that are a reinterpretation of modernity, through textures, structures, covers, and layers that become permeable for the city. Teatro Insurgentes, JVC Convention Center, The Aztec Empire, Sebastian + Barquet Gallery, Hotel Habita and The Mexican Museum, are some of their most famous projects in Mexico and the USA.

#3 Adearquitectos

Discover The Top 20 Renowned Designers List From Mexico City - Part I
Image Credit: Adearquictectos

This a young architectural design and interior design studio is located in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon (Mexico) and offers incredible services in the metropolitan area of Monterrey, the rest of the Mexican Republic and the United States of America.  Their main goal is to achieve spaces that complement both the architectural part and the interior! With design projects spread around these three areas, this incredible design studio is famous for capturing the clients’ vision and style, as you can see from their amazing contemporary residential projects, such as  Las Moras interiors, Metropolitan apartment and Cima’s interior design project. From commercial and architectural, to simple interior design projects, the Mexican design studio features an impressive portfolio of their stunning work! Thank their incredible work in customized architecture and interior design solutions, this Mexican design firm is one of the fastest growing Architectural studios in the region!

#4 Legorreta Sepúlveda

Discover The Top 20 Renowned Designers List From Mexico City - Part I
Image Credit: Legorreta Sepúlveda

With more than 20 years of experience, this architecture and design studio is specialized in Creative Projects for 200 constructions.  To achieve authentic designs in an assembly of architecture, engineering, design, furniture and landscape, they combine creative processes and approaches to scaling, from the general to the particular and vice versa.“We believe that knowing your work with architecture can be something positive for you”.  All of their modern design projects are based on commitment, accompaniment and collaboration in the short, medium and long term. We review the life cycle of each project and its different stages: concept, program, project, planning, preparation of plans and specifications, permits and authorizations, construction supervision and construction executionThis design studio is considered as one of the top Design Specialists in Mexico.

Discover The Top 20 Renowned Designers List From Mexico City - Part I

#5 Girdom Diseño

Discover The Top 20 Renowned Designers List From Mexico City - Part I
Image Credit: Girdom Diseño

Founded by Juana Girault de Domenzain, this might be one of the Most Prominent Design Studios in Mexico for the last 25 years. With a wide range of national and international projects, Juana continues at the forefront of style, quality, and elegance with each of its clients. For this inspiring team, each project must have its own essence that reflects the personality of those who live it and for what it is lived, that it is a place that leads to the full realization of its inhabitants. The interior designer is focused on creating contemporary interior design projects with a 100% personalized service, that is what distinguished them from the rest of the companies. Besides their incredible interior design services, the design studio also features a unique service for the event’s organization and decoration.

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#6 M.A. Work

Discover The Top 20 Renowned Designers List From Mexico City - Part I
Image Credit: M. A.Work

Created by a multidisciplinary artist from Tijuana called Melissa, this design studio combines the best of both worlds of artistic production with traditional artisanal techniques. Inspired by her cultural heritage and ancient crafts, she creates unique pieces handmade alongside artisans who specialize in different ancestral processes. The mission of MA Design studio is to connect the native communities of Mexico, by helping to preserve craftsmanship and create both opportunity and income using fair and horizontal manufacturing practices. Everything from wool weaving crafts, to handmade clay pieces, her unique artworks can enrichen any interior design project with a fantastic story that is behind the culture’s traditional craftsmanship heritage.

#7 Tatiana  Bilbao Studio

Discover The Top 20 Renowned Designers List From Mexico City - Part I
Image Credit: Tatiana  Bilbao Studio

The renowned architect is considered as one of the country’s most prominent architects in the international market. Her talented father was who drove her into the world of architecture and today is one of the most talented women in the country that is recognized as a landmark in the international modern architecture area. Since she founded her inspiring design studio in 2004, the renowned architect has created several distinctive buildings in Mexico, like the flexible building prototype to address Mexico’s housing shortage and a biotechnology facility for a university comprising a stack of glass boxe. Between her wide range of modern architecture projects, Bilbao became popular for her stunning Mexican mirror home, where she combined mirrored glass along with rammed earth and clay bricks. This creative vacation home located in a wooded landscape in Monterrey , also known as the Ventura House, became a worldwide sensation.


Discover The Top 20 Renowned Designers List From Mexico City - Part I
Image Credit: BI YUU

Founded in 2012 by Estudio Marisol Centeno, This interior design brand is specialized in textile rugs and accessories of design, under a strong vision of cutting edge, quality, and social responsibility. They use design and innovation as a means to positively impact the environment.  Inspired by the local customs and traditions, their incredible products are created by the talented hands of the artisans of Teotitlán del Valle. All of their bespoke rug designs that can be placed in any interior design project tell different stories that dialogue with tradition, expressing our inspiration and emotions through a careful combination of color, texture, and shape.

Discover The Top 20 Renowned Designers List From Mexico City - Part I

#9 Comité de Proyectos

Discover The Top 20 Renowned Designers List From Mexico City - Part I
Image Credit: Comité de Proyectos

Founded in 2014 by Andrea Flores and Lucía Soto, the Mexico City-based interior and furniture design studio offers a unique aesthetic approach and a group of spatial solutions that encourage the dynamics of integration between individuals and living spaces. Their inspiring contemporary projects have been recognized in multiple national and international publications, such as Vogue México, Deezen, Vertical Paris, Index Design, Curbed, AD Russia, among others. The award-winning design team won an Honorable mention for Esthetic, Binomios Collection – Design Week Mexico 2016 and Restaurant & Bar Product Design Awards and have participated in many design exhibitions in Mexico.

#10 Peca

Discover The Top 20 Renowned Designers List From Mexico City - Part I
Image Credit: Peca

Since 2007, the current head designer and studio director, Caterina Moretti, has enriched their incredible product collection with her unique ability to work with natural materials, explore texture and form, and bring nature indoors in surprising ways. The independent design studio based in Guadalajara, Mexico, has established multiple collaborations with the local artisans and other inspiring designs in order to create a unique product catalog rich in tradition and innovation. Their product range of custom design projects includes furniture, accessories, and interior design. Peca design studio has participated in several design exhibits that celebrate the ancient craftsmanship heritage, such as  Iconos del diseño AD Award for Furniture Design for “Umo” fire pit. Mexico City (2017), 20 Years of New Creativity (group exhibit) at Salone Satellite, Milan, Italy (2017) and  Abierto Mexicano de Diseño, group exhibit with Occidente in Mexico City (2015), among others.


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