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Interior Design Ideas for this Christmas | Best Design Projects
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas


Sophie Andersen a photographer from Australia shared with us some of her tips&tricks about interior decoration. Best Design Projects liked it, I hope that you use some of the tips too:

1dbadbab5b983e36d978d5fdd45f61afWhile unstoppable shopping is an inevitable part of every Advent, you can still save a lot of money if you buy wisely and do not allow the shopping whirlpool to drag you in. And as you are buying all the goods you do not really need, you can also decorate the whole home with interesting but affordable decorations.

Home-made looks better

When decorating a home for Christmas, you should first see what you can do alone or with your friends and children. Many decorations can be made by using only paper, scissors and glue. Many decoration patterns are already given online and you can print them out and use them as models for other decorations. You can make paper angels, or various drawings with Biblical or family motifs.

Jingle bells

Bells are one of the most widespread Christmas customs. They can be put in each and every corner of your home and they will contribute to the whole Christmassy ambience.


Lively Christmas lights

Decorating a home for Christmas is nothing without appropriate Christmas lights. Based on the Christian tradition of lighting candles in churches, lights are installed during the Christmas season to greet the birth of the son of God. According to another explanation, Christmas lights do not only welcome the Messiah, but also refer to the star of the east which shone tremendously the night Jesus was born. Whatever the truth is, we use a lot of Christmas lights today and they can really look spectacular when put around the room or the Christmas tree. The cost of the lights varies significantly. If you want your lights only to shine, you will pay less.


Jingle lights

Mute lights are affordable and less expensive. However, there are Christmas lights that both blink and play music. That type of lights costs more but it really adds to the overall magical atmosphere of Christmas. The Christmas lights are not only meant for interior decoration.


Christmas really is the period of year when the world around us is being repaired and improved for new challenges. People tend to be more relaxed and more united. That is why decorating home comes hand in hand with Christmas. It is the marker of a different world and people enjoy that change.


Thanks Sophie Andersen!

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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

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