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light in drawer * shinobu koizumi

light in a drawer’ by shinobu koizumi

created by japanese designer shinobu koizumi, ‘light in a drawer’ integrates lighting into the drawer doors on a small cabinet, increasing the utility of the furniture as a storage device as well as providing increased ambiance and visual enjoyment.

each drawer in the piece is composed of frosted acrylic with a wooden front facade. the lights are installed at the back of the drawer, while the plastic construction means that the illumination is visible around the sides of each box even when the drawer is shut. in a whimsical play on the cabinet’s concept, the knob on each drawer is the screw cap of an electric light bulb.

koizumi reflects on the more expressive aspects of the cabinet:
the image I want to express is a magical moment like fairy tales. when I open the drawer, dazzling light floods to me, and I find the wonderful treasure [stored inside]. this light changes daily articles into precious things, and illuminates the space.

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