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“CL lamp” * london design week 2011

“CL lamp” * london design week 2011  ldf01
‘CL lamp’ by Oscar diaz


London designer Oscar diaz presents prototypes of his ‘CL lamp’ at multiplicity in the brompton design district
during london design week 2011.

The CL lamp, interprets the faceted solution found on calligraphic ink bottles to facilitate the access to the ink, and applies that principle to direct the light source of the lamp. The articulated joint usually found at the base of lamps is here replaced by geometry.


“CL lamp” * london design week 2011  ldf02

A metal cast base firmly stabilizes the lamp, while the small light head can also change angle, and slides up and down because of his faceted arm end.


“CL lamp” * london design week 2011  ldf03

The lamp can also be slide up an down the pole to concentrate the light beam.
The lamp uses energy efficient LED’s that are of a warm white color similar to the traditional light bulb.
The CL lamp was initially developed following a two-week workshop at the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Bordeaux in 2010, about the commonalities of everyday objects.

Called “Langage Commun”, the workshop analised the similarities and amongst everyday objects formally and culturally to then re-appropriate those observations and integrate then into new objects.


“CL lamp” * london design week 2011  ldf01

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