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Silver Lining - Interiors: The project for Biennale interieur 2016
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas
Biennale interieur 2016 is here for a very special edition. Let’s take a look at how they are planning to celebrate it and meet the fair project itself, named ‘SILVER LINING – INTERIORS’.
Biennale interieur 2016
In 2016, Biennale Interieur will be celebrating the event’s 50th anniversary and its 25th edition. For that reason, the chosen theme is ‘silver linings – interior’.
Biennale interieur 2016
It was established in 1967 and the first fair was held the following year. The idea was to present contemporary innovations in home and interior design for the general public, instead of being exclusively available for professionals and also to challenge the general laws of traditional compositions and stage design usually seen in interior fairs like this one.
To make sure that this festivity runs smoothly, the 25th edition of the biennale was projected by the architecture firm OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen. They worked together with the visual artist Richard Venlet and the graphic designer Joris Kritis. With this cooperation, they have taken the ideals of the event further this year and conceived the theme (and its program) for this edition, ‘SILVER LINING – INTERIORS’,which highlights the focus on interior spaces and design.
Biennale interieur 2016
International guests have been invited by the curatorial team to create these INTERIORS, that will be spread over various halls of Kortrijk Xpo and linked by a festive SILVER LINING structure that is hanging from the ceiling and guiding the visitors. All this to give the idea that furniture and objects are not isolated items and are always part of the organized space.
Biennale interieur 2016
Internationally renowned Swiss curator Moritz Küng brings a new interpretation of his ‘Schöner Wohnen’ project that was first presented in the art space BE-PART ten years ago.
Biennale interieur 2016
With INTERIORS, the curators will attempt to offer a new understanding of objects in their context instead of the objects being consumed as autonomous trophies. It’s important to understand that we spend most of our lives in designed environments surrounded by objects, but without realizing if they are enough appreciated as part of a wider whole.
Biennale interieur 2016

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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

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