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This cosy and well decorated Swedish apartment has creative design elements in every details of the space.

The designers took full advantage of the location and improved the terrace with an inviting decor. When entering the apartment, there is an unusual entrance with a stairs that leads to the open plan living and dining area.

Texture-Diversity- in-a-Retro-Modern-Apartment-12

Texture-Diversity- in-a-Retro-Modern-Apartment-11

Texture-Diversity- in-a-Retro-Modern-Apartment-4Texture-Diversity- in-a-Retro-Modern-Apartment-2

Despite the existence of some modern furniture pieces, this apartment is fulffiled with charming decorating elements.

A beautiful variety of textures give life to this apartment, making us wanting to feel the touch of every single piece: cushion covers, carpets, blankets and painting frames. Between these textures, predominates a color palette in soft hues of beige with natural light playing an important role in the background of the design scheme.


Texture-Diversity- in-a-Retro-Modern-Apartment-3  Texture-Diversity- in-a-Retro-Modern-Apartment-5

The living room is bejeweled with a nice copper lamps blended with vintage and shabby accessories.

Texture-Diversity- in-a-Retro-Modern-Apartment-6 Texture-Diversity- in-a-Retro-Modern-Apartment-7 Texture-Diversity- in-a-Retro-Modern-Apartment-8

Texture-Diversity- in-a-Retro-Modern-Apartment-9

Together with the sepia color schemes, in this apartment prevails with no doubt a retro, modern and elegant look.

Texture-Diversity- in-a-Retro-Modern-Apartment-10   Texture-Diversity- in-a-Retro-Modern-Apartment-13

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