The “Apollo 8 CM” is the latest light conceived by the French designer Gaël Wuithier for Woodlabo.

This creative lamp design was built in order to remind the command module of the Apollo spacecraft, the first manned spacecraft to leave Earth Orbit to reach the Moon.

apollo2  The “Apollo 8 CM” Light Designed by Gaël Wuithier apollo21

This high-end suspended light is made of wood with about a meter in diameter and is presented in three sizes. According Woodlabo “the external 12-branched wooden structure was conical in shape, assembled at the ends by 2 aluminium discs. Its high dome acted as a thermal shield keeping in the light source”.

apollo3  The “Apollo 8 CM” Light Designed by Gaël Wuithier apollo31

More information of this unique lamp design on Woodlabo.


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