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Top 10 Ideas to Create a New Victorian Living Room | Best Design Projects
Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

We all appreciate the beauty of a Victorian style in our home’s space. But that doesn’t mean that we have to decorate the entire space with this decoration style to show our love for it.

In this article we show you 10 fantastic ideas to bring to your living room a victorian appointment blended with the freshness of the contemporary design.

Let yourself be inspired and start today the upgrade of your amazing living room!

1. Modern Ilumination

Instead of choosing a vintage chandelier, why not opting by a contemporary lighting that will give any space a lightier and brighier look?

This light collectionfrom Delightfull won’t let any space indifferent. The reason is simple, this brand reinterprets the music wave of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s into modern and contemporary illumination.


2. Layers of modern and colorful patterns

The Victorian Era has been characterized by the use of patterns. In your living room’s decor you can upgrade to the use of modern and full of color patterns.


3. Place a Wood-Burning Stove

Call some professionals to install a wood-burning stove, which requires easy maintenance and it offers maximum heat efficiency. It will also add a modern touch to a victorian decoration.


4. Windows with a simple decor

Forget the curtains that will bring a heavy look to your space. Opt for a simple solution like the white slatted shutters. It will also help you to have more space in your living room.


5. White Backgrounds

If you mixture your vintage furniture with a full white painting on the walls it will definetely create an amazing and modern contrast in the room.


6. Vivid Colors

This is idea is totally creative and we just love it! Use your vintage furniture and upholster your furniture with vivid colors like citrus yellow or fuchsia. It will definetely provide a personal print to your living room decoration.


7. Strategic Contrasts

Use a victorian element from your living room and from that point create a color scheme and shapes with high end furniture.


8. Contemporary Art

Paint one of your walls with a muted hue and then place there an extravagant paiting. It will create a different and original contrast.


9. Storage Wall

You can install on the living room a slim shelving with different-size sections and then decorate the entire room on white and black pieces.


10. High Ceilings Advantage

The Victorian houses benefit mostly of high ceilings, offering the opportunity to create a mezzanine level. Add to it a modern touch by using a sleek glass version.


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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

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